Activities, the region of Berguedà

The house is located in the township of Sagas, in the valley of the Merlès stream. It borders the municipalities of La Quar in the north, Olvan and  Gironella in the west, Puigreig in the south and   Merlès stream , located to the east.

The woods are made up of  white pines, oaks and scrub lands. The economic activity of the area is completely rural, based on agriculture and livestock.

The village of Sagàs has several houses scattered amongst the fields and forests nearby.

We invite you to visit some of the sights in the area

The Berguedà is an area with many attractions both tourist and cultural. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your trip:


Romanic churches

  • Guided tours of Romanesque churches:
  • St. Quirze de Pedret  S.IX-X
  • St. Vicenç d’Obiols S.IX
  • St. Llorenç prop Bagà monastery S.IX
  • St. Joan de Cornudell S.IX
  • St. Sadurní de Rotgers S.XI-XII
  • St.  Andreu de Sagàs




Activities that are available at the area, previous reservation

  • Horseback riding excursions
  • Quad routes
  • Paralinding flights

The area surrounding the house it’s also good for

  • Excursions on foot
  • All terrain bike routes
  • Baths at the Merlès string
  • 4×4 car routes


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